The IMPOSSIBLE Chocolate Illusion!!😦

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  1. killerbee26 84

    killerbee26 84

    49 minutter siden

    It's the way it positioned and the law of conservation of mass states that mass cannot be destroyed or created indicating that this is just an illusion

  2. Veenita Chandra

    Veenita Chandra

    49 minutter siden

    You just put the chocolate in differently. I'm guessing that the chocolate is cut in that why but it's pretty cool

  3. Not_mirak Yes

    Not_mirak Yes

    Time siden

    Geometry *im bouta end this mans whole career*

  4. Ahmed Rami

    Ahmed Rami

    Time siden

    Learn basic geometry

  5. Camila Ribeiras

    Camila Ribeiras

    Time siden

    You can literally see the spaces he left on the box. We can fucking see it, Chris.

  6. Gargi Tripathi

    Gargi Tripathi

    Time siden

    The whole time i was looking at the tattoos🤣🤣. I am obsessed with those.

  7. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo

    Time siden

    “It all fits in there quite nicely” all the pieces are spaced out and not aligned at all

  8. dean s

    dean s

    2 timer siden

    I just created chocolate out of nothing 😑😐🤨.....bite your tongue Dean. 🤦‍♂️

  9. PROG4M3R


    2 timer siden


  10. Jacob Palmquist

    Jacob Palmquist

    2 timer siden

    First of all matter cannot be created nor destroyed, so just jot that down 🤣

  11. Poodleinacan


    2 timer siden

    When you change the size of the box, to make it too small for the middle piece

    • bofooit gojo

      bofooit gojo

      Time siden


  12. Blue Lilly Gaming!

    Blue Lilly Gaming!

    2 timer siden

    You cant fool me i know how this works

  13. Boogie _MEMES

    Boogie _MEMES

    3 timer siden

    He just cut the video and added another chocolate

  14. Blueafarian


    3 timer siden

    I was told not to play with my food yet here we are

  15. Niku Official

    Niku Official

    3 timer siden

    Nope you create smaller package rather than chocolate.

  16. stepidedot oogabooga

    stepidedot oogabooga

    3 timer siden

    No u didn't create chocolate BC it's like one of those puzzles to get all the pieces into a square tray with multiple different solutions

  17. Jayvee Asis

    Jayvee Asis

    3 timer siden

    Bc the thingy u took the chocolate out of is side ways so of course it will have a bonhs

  18. kawaiirenzokun


    3 timer siden




    3 timer siden

    You didn't literally create chocolate out of nothing . You can notice how this works with other examples of this . This one not so much .

  20. PolarisIsotope


    3 timer siden

    Ugh I could figure out how this looks but its 12:35 am and I'm to tired to give it anything more than a scan so cool its magic I guess

  21. Five Point 5 Sicks

    Five Point 5 Sicks

    3 timer siden

    Actually, you just lost chocolate. If you weigh that before and after, it will prove just how wrong you are. The fact this illusion has been put to the test countless times and has been busted, there are still enough stupid people to fool, by using their own stupidity against them. You sir, get a thumbs down X infinity.👎🏼∞

  22. Nehemiah Mletzko

    Nehemiah Mletzko

    4 timer siden

    Look at the edges they are not even touching the box

  23. David


    4 timer siden


  24. gravykittyman


    4 timer siden

    He didn't create anything and you can see that the chocolate is smaller

  25. FnafGacha


    4 timer siden


  26. hello 956

    hello 956

    4 timer siden

    I'm 34 dude, c'mon... math.

  27. Aelixr


    5 timer siden

    hOw dOeS thAt fIT pErFEctLy iN tHeRE gaps in the chocolate : im not here

  28. kelvin caraballo

    kelvin caraballo

    5 timer siden

    Yo you were funny in the movie spiral

  29. Jorge Maldonado

    Jorge Maldonado

    5 timer siden

    Where do you buy this?

  30. Dat.D


    5 timer siden

    World hunger solved

  31. McKay Deschamps

    McKay Deschamps

    5 timer siden

    Are we just going to ignore the empty space in the top right of the box or are we all just stupid?

  32. euriethegamer


    6 timer siden

    Its not fit actually there's gap on the right.

  33. Elijah Smith

    Elijah Smith

    6 timer siden

    Pay attention to the outline of the out of the box.

  34. K. Sajak

    K. Sajak

    6 timer siden

    If it wasn't for the transition it would be believable

  35. Joepro97


    7 timer siden


  36. mr.wiseass


    7 timer siden

    Charlie be like This was my creative madness at work

  37. Frank Anderson

    Frank Anderson

    7 timer siden

    *box is smaller than wrapper* ah yes I have destroyed the laws of matter

  38. Landon Matthews

    Landon Matthews

    7 timer siden

    Because it doesn’t perfectly fit in the box

  39. Blancc


    7 timer siden

    I've seen this illusion already

  40. Random Studios

    Random Studios

    7 timer siden

    Idk. You're the one who solves puzzles, you tell me🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. Aodhan Koh

    Aodhan Koh

    7 timer siden

    Infinite chocolate farm.

  42. My squad

    My squad

    8 timer siden

    I think its just how it was placed:^✨ mAtH aNd GeoMetrY✨

  43. Lucid Gameing

    Lucid Gameing

    8 timer siden


  44. Lincoln Kim

    Lincoln Kim

    8 timer siden

    Try it again you aren’t trading chocolate from nothing you’re just making chocolate from chocolate like you’re just separating chocolate from the bigger piece

  45. Charley Dickson

    Charley Dickson

    8 timer siden

    Im pretty sure vsause did a video on this, or something similair

  46. N̷e̷i̷k̷i̷a̷ Øwō

    N̷e̷i̷k̷i̷a̷ Øwō

    8 timer siden

    This is fake, they got it from another piece and snuck it in, I saw someone reveal it once. Nice try 😃

  47. DumbGamer D.L

    DumbGamer D.L

    8 timer siden

    Okay now do it again? Oh yeah you can’t

  48. Danny D

    Danny D

    9 timer siden

    Spell it out on the foil then you'll see how he ended up with the extra "bonus" chocolate......cause the area on foil is bigger then the area on the box

  49. Daniel San Juan

    Daniel San Juan

    9 timer siden

    Why did the piece of chocolate say bonus i think its fake cause of that

  50. Mike G

    Mike G

    9 timer siden

    Wish I could create some chocolate right now

  51. N J

    N J

    9 timer siden


  52. Rj McWilliams

    Rj McWilliams

    9 timer siden


  53. MikeShotta


    9 timer siden

    Theyre skimming both borders thats how

  54. AOT


    10 timer siden

    Is it just me or this guy sounds like dream

  55. JoeStro akaEndgame!aka4Eyez

    JoeStro akaEndgame!aka4Eyez

    10 timer siden

    The original border is bigger but still very very cool "illusion".

  56. Darkness


    11 timer siden

    All he did was change the box, if it were to be true then the video wouldn’t cut.

  57. Yar D Blah

    Yar D Blah

    11 timer siden

    Me with a face full of chocolate: "mmmff...huh?.. it used to spell what now?"

  58. What are you doing Springtrap

    What are you doing Springtrap

    11 timer siden

    Chocolate dupe glitch

  59. Edwin Sánchez

    Edwin Sánchez

    11 timer siden

    It gets smaller

  60. hunter leigh

    hunter leigh

    12 timer siden


  61. K0 B1

    K0 B1

    12 timer siden

    It's the creases on the sides. When they are packaged one creases is flat and when you stand it up it makes the space slightly smaller, that's what it looks like to me. Neat but easy to spot.

  62. Karen Wallace

    Karen Wallace

    12 timer siden


  63. Alfredo Gonzalez

    Alfredo Gonzalez

    12 timer siden

    This is why organization is important when packing, if you put your clothes in right you'll be left with tons of space

  64. Siddharthan Nandhakumar

    Siddharthan Nandhakumar

    12 timer siden

    There's the difference in area around the perimeter of the latter to make that illusion

  65. Locus Cades

    Locus Cades

    12 timer siden

    The answer is why you always buy the largest size pizza you can.

  66. David Gomila

    David Gomila

    12 timer siden

    Infinite chocolate unlocked

  67. Sahara Desert

    Sahara Desert

    12 timer siden

    It’s called a math puzzle…

  68. Christine Richard

    Christine Richard

    12 timer siden

    Maybe reality is a illusion!

  69. Jordan Gray

    Jordan Gray

    13 timer siden

    Thats crazy

  70. Anthony Cross

    Anthony Cross

    13 timer siden

    Celebrating like Tom hanks in castaway “LOOK WHAT I HAVE CREATED”

  71. IIBloodII


    13 timer siden

    If you think you just created chocolate keep doing the same cuts and when the chocolate bar is gone you’ll realize you’re an idiot

  72. Teegan


    13 timer siden

    finger prints all over it....

  73. Jose Baez

    Jose Baez

    13 timer siden

    The cut to the video gave you bonus chocolate lol

  74. Ali Aliu

    Ali Aliu

    14 timer siden

    Yeah but it’s still wasted because u can still see the lines that cut off so basically the dust made a piece of a chocolate

  75. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh

    14 timer siden

    now smaller and lighter

  76. EyedIceGMR


    14 timer siden


  77. Gargamel


    14 timer siden

    Man: "I just created chocolate out of nothing." Me: Although it looks like this, the volume is reduced by the "bonus" piece and it is just an optical illusion. And overall, chocolate is now smaller and lighter

    • Brittany Lehman

      Brittany Lehman

      Time siden

      I never thought I'd see Gargamel again, been a long time. Still after the smurfs I take it? Still, I liked watching that show when I was little, one of the greats in my opinion. X3

  78. wikwok bingbong

    wikwok bingbong

    14 timer siden

    if you took a picture of the new and old bars the new one would be shorter and it would be missing a portion that is the bonus piece, if you visualise it like a pie chart it'll make more sense with each piece being a chunk of the chart

    • fouoii gyhh

      fouoii gyhh

      14 timer siden

      It’s the way you put it in

  79. unKnown Cc

    unKnown Cc

    14 timer siden

    When it came in it was upside down

  80. FW


    14 timer siden

    Dude , this was debunked, like, in 2012 .

  81. Comet foxgon

    Comet foxgon

    14 timer siden

    Bc the angle it is put as

  82. Preston Garvey

    Preston Garvey

    14 timer siden

    Box is small at bottom

  83. Wini The Cat

    Wini The Cat

    15 timer siden

    Clearly in the end it forms a cross where as in the beginning it did not meaning the last piece was subtracted from the surrounding area. If you were to measure the total circumfrence it would be smaller than before, but the shape would remain the same. I'm not really impressed lol but I am in the mood for chocolate now.

  84. Gabriel Ocampo

    Gabriel Ocampo

    15 timer siden

    Haha the package is a bit bigger than the inside that spells chocolate.. take a good look.. good one 👍

  85. Canni


    15 timer siden

    Can someone explain? I know it’s not magic

  86. Jens Randsdorp

    Jens Randsdorp

    15 timer siden

    You know the black bars around the chocolate when you spelled chocolate with chocolate? Yh those black bars probably were the same size as the chocolate bonus thingy if you put it in the same shape as the bonus little chocolate thingy

  87. Rudy Perez

    Rudy Perez

    15 timer siden

    Fucking swear people are just getting dumber by the year..... Help them Jesus, let them get to you faster.

  88. Anthony Fennell

    Anthony Fennell

    15 timer siden

    Dude this illusion is older than I am

  89. Brandon Jackson

    Brandon Jackson

    15 timer siden

    Well there goes my Brain cells for the day, fuck that was the dumbest shit I've seen

  90. SenHai


    15 timer siden

    Except it is clearly smaller. The only trick here is that the container it comes in can fit the extra chocolate but only because it wraps around it.

  91. HuggyDufus


    15 timer siden


  92. Dylan Dudley

    Dylan Dudley

    15 timer siden

    Title “the impossible chocolate illusion.” Me “this isn’t an illusion.”

  93. Cooper Wise

    Cooper Wise

    15 timer siden

    It’s the way you put it in

  94. Simon Ponting

    Simon Ponting

    15 timer siden

    Can't teach a old dog new tricks this is sooooo old I remember my dad show me this back in 1990

  95. Lucifer


    15 timer siden

    There’s already many videos covering how this works lmao

  96. Archie The Axolotl

    Archie The Axolotl

    16 timer siden

    You can sort them in a different way

  97. Mikku


    16 timer siden


  98. James


    16 timer siden

    I wonder how the shit turned out

  99. Yuvraj Singh

    Yuvraj Singh

    16 timer siden

    Confused screaming

  100. BloodyWolf 3178

    BloodyWolf 3178

    16 timer siden

    Its because the put back together chocolate bar is now smaller in size